Curated Rides for a Cause – Brooke USA

A Shared Vision of Equine Welfare

We’ve partnered with Brooke USA, the US-based organization that support the work of Brooke worldwide. Brooke is dedicated to improving the lives of working equines and the people who depend on them.

The Brooke USA

In Partnership with Brooke USA

In developing nations across the globe, many families rely on working horses and donkeys for their livelihoods. However, due to a lack of resources and education, these hard-working animals often suffer in terrible conditions, without adequate rest, nutrition, or medical care.  Brooke’s vision is to improve the welfare of both working equines and the humans who depend on them to survive.

Healthy Horses, Healthy Communities

Brooke works with local communities around the world, providing resources and training to ensure that working animals get the care they need to live healthy, comfortable lives.

How they work:

  • With animals. Brooke treats suffering animals, educates owners, and does research to improve working animal welfare.
  • With people. The organization works with owners to prevent common issues and ensure a bright future for both horse and human.
  • With health services. Brooke works with local veterinarians, farriers, and other providers to increase access to quality care for working animals.
  • With governments. The organization’s advocacy work helps create a future where working animal welfare is a legal mandate.

This work not only benefits the horses and donkeys themselves, but also the families who depend on them. Healthy livestock are money savers and money earners for their owners, helping generate a sustainable livelihood.  Brooke’s work has improved the lives of thousands of working animals and their caretakers in twelve of the world’s poorest countries, and they are constantly expanding their programs.

Ride for a Cause - The Brooke

Ride for a Cause - The Brooke

Why We’re Part of It

At Journeys Equestrian Travels, we are dedicated to horses and the people who love them. Our global travel partners are carefully vetted to ensure that the horses who provide our clients with unforgettable experiences receive the best possible care. Our vision is a world where no horse suffers from malnutrition or preventable injury or disease. Brooke shares that vision.

We have partnered with Brooke USA to help create a sustainable future for communities who rely on working equines. These incredible animals give us so much—we decided we had to give back.

Through travel, we get to experience breathtaking landscapes and rich cultural traditions that provide us with enduring memories. In return, we feel that it is crucial to give back to the global community, especially places where working animals are the engines of development. That’s why a portion of each of our Curated Itineraries is donated to Brooke USA, in order to support the important work of making life better for equines and humans around the world.