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The Unique Features of the Sol y Luna Preferred Property

08.30.16 | Preferred Properties

sol y luna equestrian travelsSet high in the Peruvian Andes, one of the world’s most unique resorts lures visitors searching for an immersive cultural experience. Sol y Luna is a preferred property for so many reasons: its breathtaking location, exquisitely luxurious accommodations, world-class cuisine, and cultural and historic importance.

Perhaps its most important draw, however, is the opportunity to give back to the local people who make such a resort possible. After all, traveling isn’t just about going somewhere and doing something. It’s also about living an experience that is so unique and memorable that it changes you—forever. Sol y Luna gives you that kind of experience.

The charming adobe casitas are surrounded by lush, fragrant gardens and the hummingbirds they attract. Relax on the private terrace, enjoy a luxurious soak in the deep tub, or just enjoy the ambiance of your casita. Each one is bright and spacious, filled with objects that reflect the Valley and its residents.

There are many other amenities at this charming resort. The Wayra (Air) offers delicious food and local art amidst nearly two acres of outdoor gardens. The Killa Wasi (House of the Moon) Restaurant offers a warm, intimate setting in which to enjoy the regional cuisine, featuring the finest of organic ingredients from local farmers.

And of course, the resort’s stunning setting in the Sacred Valley of the Incas provides the sol y luna frontperfect opportunity for horseback rides! The resort even has its own stable of Peruvian Pasos—gaited horses renowned for their smooth, natural movement and comfortable ride over mountain trails.

The stable is run by a top trainer from Lima, known as El Chalan, who will choose the perfect mount for your level of riding experience. You can enjoy a half- or full-day ride through the valley, or we can arrange longer excursions involving several days of riding, complete with luxury glamping each evening.

Tip: Join in an excursion to the ancient Incan salt mines. You’ll look and feel just like a native while wearing the provided chalan hat and poncho and riding a Peruvian Paso!

After your ride, relax at the Yacu Wasi (House of Water) Spa, or read about the local culture and the people you met at the Willay (Storytelling) Lounge & Library. It’s here that you can become better acquainted with the reason behind this amazing experience—the Sol y Luna Association.

sol y luna preferred propertyThis non-profit recognizes the important contributions made by the residents of the Valley and gives back to them through educational opportunities, improved employment prospects, and support for their art and culture. The hotel itself was started for the purpose of supporting the Sol y Luna School.

The association’s goal is to support the local community so that the people never lose their joyful attitude toward life. When you stay at this premier resort, you’ll enjoy the satisfaction of knowing that you are investing in the future of these warm and wonderful people. The money you spend here will make a meaningful difference in helping the children and their community thrive, rather than just survive!

Sol y Luna is a fine starting point for your explorations of the Sacred Valley and Machu Picchu, but it is also a wonderful destination in its own right. Let us book your stay at this Virtuoso property, and enjoy the special amenities only we can offer. Contact Journeys Equestrian Travels for more information.

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