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Equestrian Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for the Horse Lover in Your Life

02.8.16 | Lifestyle, Preferred Properties

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and you’re trying to think of something special to do with your one and only. Need something new and refreshing? Does the one you love also happen to love horses? Surprise your sweetheart with an equestrian Valentine’s Day date to pay tribute to their passion. From the low-key to the lavish, here are a few ideas.

equestrian valentine's day

Themed Movie Night

There are enough horse movies out there that you can pick at least one or two that you’ll both love for a relaxed, romantic night in. From National Velvet to Seabiscuit, War Horse to Black Beauty (any of the four versions will do), there’s plenty of material! Pop some popcorn, grab a cozy blanket, and snuggle up on the couch for an evening of equestrian-themed cinema.

Dinner and a Ride

Probably not in that order! Pick a trail neither of you have been on before, preferably somewhere with beautiful scenery, and go for a nice long ride together (here’s a handy guide you can use to find a place). Get the blood pumping and take in some gorgeous views, and then go grab a drink and a bite somewhere you both love. There’s nothing better than an active date and a good meal to follow.

equestrian valentine's day getaway
Take a winter ride at Brush Creek Ranch in Wyoming before treating yourselves to a gourmet dinner.

A Romantic Equestrian Valentine’s Day Getaway

A quick weekend getaway to somewhere beautiful and romantic is the ultimate Valentine’s Day date! Travel and explore a rustic and beautiful landscape on horseback. Trek along the quiet countryside and experience a quaint and charming Texas ranch. Or retreat to the to the peaceful and serene Brush Creek Ranch in Saratoga, Wyoming. Curl up with your loved one on the balcony to watch the sunset. Treat your honey to a spa day and then treat yourselves to a gourmet dinner and wine tasting. Or experience Southern hospitality and elegance at The Willcox in South Carolina, and spend a day on a thrilling fox hunt. A romantic equestrian getaway just for the two of you is sure to be a Valentine’s Day you won’t forget!

Plan an Equestrian Vacation

Over a romantic dinner, surprise your love with plane tickets to somewhere totally new and exotic that you both want to explore: New Zealand, Peru, South Africa…the options are endless! You’ll have such a great time talking about the equestrian experiences you can’t wait to have and all the sights you’ll see, the anticipation and planning alone will make for an excellent date!

Whether you choose a low-key movie night or a luxurious getaway, your horse-loving partner is sure to appreciate the equestrian theme of your Valentine’s Day! To start booking that next romantic equestrian vacation, contact us to explore the possibilities.

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