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Personal Growth Through a Miraval Equine Experience

09.15.16 | Preferred Properties

MiravalIf you’re looking for a place to get away and focus on personal growth, you may want to book a trip to Miraval Resort and Spa. Set in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains north of Tucson, Miraval’s 400 scenic acres offer guests the peace and tranquility necessary to truly reflect on their priorities and goals. It’s a place to rest, relax, reflect, and re-energize—no matter the time of year.

At Miraval, you will enjoy an award-winning spa and resort serving up healthy and delicious cuisine, invigorating spa services, and programs designed to help you improve your emotional health. After all, a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body!

Miraval’s staff of wellness specialists can help you open your heart and mind to the possibilities all around you and help you live in the moment. Through a mix of private sessions, development activities, workshops, and classes, you will learn to be mindful of the moment and your place in it.

Miraval’s philosophy is simple: “Life is more meaningful and enjoyable when physical, emotional, social, spiritual, and intellectual components are in balance.” Clarity of intention and accepting responsibility for our actions are hallmarks of the resort’s programs.

Miraval equine experienceOne popular program is the Miraval Equine Experience. Founder and leader Wyatt Webb is the author of several books about horses and the human spirit. Under his guidance at the resort’s Purple Sage Ranch, you’ll learn how to communicate in a more meaningful way with horses and people, and identify patterns of learned behavior that may be harming you and your relationships.

Guests have the option of a two-and-a-half hour equine experience with Wyatt, or a four-day intensive immersion program that will challenge you to get in touch with your authentic self and rediscover joy in your life. The immersion program is excellent for groups, individuals, or couples looking to work on communication issues or simply learn to be more mindful of their own behaviors and ways of being. The program provides a supportive and safe environment for you to examine how you feel and what you think.

There are several other equestrian activities available at Miraval, all aimed at self-examination and expression through the “mirror” of the horse. If you want to combine your love of horses with an opportunity for personal growth and change, Miraval can offer you an incredible, life-changing experience that does just that.

Besides the equestrian activities available at Miraval, you can enjoy culinary workshops, fun and challenging fitness classes, meditation classes, and award-winning spa services. You can design your stay to be the ultimate retreat, where you can completely relax and reinvigorate yourself!

Since Miraval is one of our preferred properties, when you book your stay through Journeys, you’ll receive a complimentary upgrade, a special welcome package, and other special amenities. Resolve to enhance your personal growth and have a unique, life-changing experience at Miraval. Contact us for more information.

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