Namibia- The Damara Elephant Ride

Experience the wildlife, breathtaking deserts and Skeleton Coast of beautiful Namibia.

The Damara Elephant Ride sweeps you along through challenging, yet thrilling terrain! Ride over rocky hills and sand dunes, through sandy riverbeds and wide-open plains, as you experience the rich and abundant desert-adapted wildlife: elephants, rhinos, oryx, and lions, just to name a few. Finish by riding along the pristine yet haunting Skeleton Coast, decorated with sun-bleached whale bones and crumbling ships.

This ride is a challenging horse safari through the country’s most remote and beautifully wild landscape, traveling 12 to 30 miles a day and sleeping in mobile tented camps or even under a spectacular canopy of stars if you prefer! That last night, let Cape Town pamper you, and enjoy a day in the Winelands as a relaxing ending to your thrilling adventure.

Suggested additions to complement your journey:

  • Time your visit to attend the auspicious L’Ormarins Queen’s Plate held in January
  • Continue on your safari adventure to see the Big Five in Sabi Sands

Journeys Equestrian Travels Experience
Your journey will be a private, customized travel experience, based on your individual schedule, interests and budget. Programs are designed for riders and non-rider companions alike.

Suggested Experiences:

  • Adventure
    Sleep beneath the stars and gallop along the skeleton coast to glimpse bleached whale bones and crumbling ships
  • Seclusion
    Experience the pristine beauty and solitude of this remote desert landscape
  • EcoTourism
    Witness the Cape Cross seal colony, trail desert-adapted elephants and rhinos Damaraland’s riverbeds, and visit a Save the Rhino project to learn about this endangered species
  • Local Immersion
    Witness ancient bushmen rock carvings at Twyfelfontein and go on cultural excursions to local villages
  • Wine
    Wine tasting in the Cape Winelands
  • City
    Finish your adventure in Cape Town to relax and take in the sights before departing