Argentina – Palermo, Polo & Patagonia

From the elegance of the Palermo Hippodrome to the grandeur of Patagonia, the excitement of the tango to a refined wine-paired dinner, Argentina offers something for every visitor.

Tour the varied neighborhoods of Buenos Aires, see the tango as never before, and enjoy a private concert by a classical guitarist with your elegant dinner: all this and more let you experience the romance and artistry of Argentina.

While in Buenos Aires, go behind the scenes at the Palermo Hippodrome to meet the horses and their entourages before enjoying the races from VIP seats. If the timing is right, enjoy the celebrated Palermo de Oro Verde Championship or Argentina Republic Gran Prix. Accent the Hippodrome experience with a day on the Polo field playing or just enjoying the match. Top off your stay in Buenos Aires with a special wine presentation and dinner by one of the city’s top sommeliers.

Continue your journey into the heart of Argentina’s cultural scene by visiting with internationally recognized artists in the Andes mountain range. Follow a handpicked guide on a ride through the beautiful North Patagonia Lake District and stay at your choice of deluxe camps or luxury hotel properties. Ride through beautiful forests, photograph the stunning scenery, or go fly fishing in one of the most beautiful lakes in the world—or all of the above!

Suggested Additions to Complement Your Journey

  • Tour Iguazu Falls by helicopter and see for yourself why UNESCO named it a World Natural Heritage Site.
  • Journey to the end of the Earth to explore Southern Patagonia, Tierra del Fuego, and Antarctica

Journeys Equestrian Travels Experience
Your journey will be a private, customized travel experience, based on your individual schedule, interests and budget. Programs are designed for riders and non-rider companions alike.

Suggested Experiences:

  • VIP
    Enjoy VIP access to the Palermo Hippodrome and the races; experience polo as a player or spectator
  • Trail Ride
    Go on personalized riding adventures throughout Patagonia
  • City
    Tour Buenos Aires to experience the city like a local
  • Culinary and Wine
    Savor fine wine tastings with paired dinners
  • Local Immersion
    Visit with famed Patagonian artists; explore Patagonian gaucho and Indian culture, including art and weaving
  • Golf
    Play on some of the most beautiful courses in Argentina
  • Beach
    Relax with exquisite sailing and fishing