France – The Equestrian Arts of Paris

Celebrate the rich culture and history of the equestrian art in the City of Light.

There is no better place to celebrate the beauty and strength of the horse than amidst the magnificent opulence of Paris, France. Join us as we unlock the doors for you to a variety of exclusive equestrian experiences in and around Paris, enjoying privileged access to horse shows, races, and unique riding adventures.

Begin at the Royal Stables of the Chateau de Versailles with a performance by the Academy of Equestrian Arts, and end with an intimate dressage lesson by the Academy’s riders. Consider timing your stay to experience annual horse shows such as the Salon du Cheveal or the Longines Global Champions Tour.

And of course, you’ll want to enjoy the best culinary and cultural experiences that Paris has to offer: visit bakeries, chocolatiers, and cheese shops; taste fine French wines; enter the privileged world of Parisian high fashion; and visit the art museums and monuments of this historic city.

Suggested additions to complement your journey:

  • Relax in a stunning chateau in the Loire Valley
  • Charter a yacht from St. Tropez to Monaco

Journeys Equestrian Travels Experience
Your journey will be a private, customized travel experience, based on your individual schedule, interests and budget. Programs are designed for riders and non-rider companions alike.

Suggested Experiences:

  • VIP
    Attend the Academy of Equestrian Arts Ballet at Chateau de Versailles; take a private dressage lesson with academy riders
  • Education
    Visit the French National Stud Farm to learn about the country’s history of breeding
  • Landmarks
    Explore the art and monuments of Paris that honor the horse
  • City
    Take in all that Paris has to offer, from the finest culinary experiences to world-class museums and historic landmarks
  • Culinary
    Embark on an epicurean adventure, meeting owners of the finest bakeries, cheese shops and chocolate shops in Paris
  • Art
    Enter the exclusive world of Parisian high fashion with private behind-the-scenes tours and privileged introductions