Austria – Spanish Riding School Classical Equitation

Elegant, dancing horses; stunning architecture; world-class museums; and gorgeous scenery: the experience of a lifetime awaits you in Austria.

Visit the Spanish Riding School and watch the magnificent white Lipizzan stallions perform the exercises that lead to the haute ecole—the ultimate expression of classic dressage. Afterwards, enjoy a guided tour through the tack room and stables. In the evening, you’ll thrill to the equine ballet including the Piaffe Passage and the exquisite Airs Above the Ground, featuring the Pesade, Levade, Capriole and Courbette.

Interested riders, trainers, and judges may also wish to attend one of the School’s dressage theory seminars. A private day trip to the Piber Stud will allow you to learn about all of the facets of breeding and raising Lipizzans to become the magnificent performers famous the world over.

After you have enjoyed the delights of Vienna, journey to the wine region of Bad Tatzmannsdorf for a stay at Reiter’s Supreme Resort. Awaiting your riding pleasure are the Resort’s own Lipizzans, including highly-trained stallions for those wishing to practice baroque dressage. After your ride, relax in the Yin Yang Thermal Spa or enjoy a round of golf on the 27-hole course.

Suggested Additions to Complement Your Journey

  • Cruise along the Danube Valley with its cobblestoned villages and ruined castles and enjoy the beautiful scenery punctuated by vineyards.
  • The Squares fill with the enticing aroma of holiday baked goods in December. Shop for handcrafted gifts and those aromatic baked goodies at the enchanting Christmas markets.

Journeys Equestrian Travels Experience
Your journey will be a private, customized travel experience, based on your individual schedule, interests and budget. Programs are designed for riders and non-rider companions alike.

Suggested Experiences:

  • VIP
    VIP seats at morning training sessions and evening performance of the legendary Lipizzan stallions; private, guided tour of the stables and tack room
  • Education
    Advanced dressage seminars; private day trip to Piber Stud Farm or Stubalm in the summer
  • Trail Ride
    Quiet, peaceful rides along farm paths and forested trails in the Austrian countryside
  • Culinary
    Explore traditional Austrian cuisine: delicious pastries, wiener schnitzel, and Sacher torte
  • Art
    Explore the delights of Vienna, such as the Opera House, Boys' Choir, and museums
  • Wellness
    Relax the body and mind at Reiter’s Supreme Resort in the wine region of Bad Tatzmannsdorf
  • Golf
    Play 27 holes at Reiter’s on Austria’s most beautiful course
  • Ski
    Seasonal skiing in the Alps