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Behind the Scenes: The Equestrian Yacht Experience

10.1.16 | Bespoke Itinerary, Lifestyle

Crystal blue waters. Bright Caribbean sunshine. Gentle surf lapping against the sides of the boat, a cold drink by your side, and no obligations but a gourmet dinner waiting for you later in the dining room: there is no better definition of paradise.

Credit: Y.Co.
Many cabins on the Lady S incorporate Hermès equestrian decor.

I got a small taste of paradise when I toured this incredible yacht at the Antigua Yacht Show. The Lady S boasts a full-service spa with on-board masseuse, a climate-controlled gym, a heavenly heated pool with jets for swimming against, five-star gourmet chefs, and a variety of water toys for added excitement.

As if all that weren’t enough, here’s what really hooked me: the yacht’s sumptuous interior, with its spiral staircase and spacious salons, is beautifully complemented by Hermès equestrian decor. Many of the cabins feature this elegant print, which made me feel right at home!

The chic spiral staircase on the Lady S.

This beautiful yacht perfectly summed up the travel experiences I try to create for clients: unique luxury experiences that cater to the equestrian lifestyle, for both riders and non-riders alike. Even for those who enjoy a challenging riding adventure, just think how much better that sun-warmed deck will feel under your feet after you’ve been in riding boots for a few days!

Credit: Burgess Yachts.

The fact is that no matter your preferred travel experience, a chartered yacht adds a glamorous touch that goes hand in hand with the equestrian lifestyle. Just ask the world-class riders who transformed into models for a high-fashion Equestrio photoshoot on the Romanza, a sleek 120’ Benetti Classic. The behind-the-scenes video truly captures the magic of the luxurious setting:

These riders are at the top of their game—from Daniel Bluman, Hermès-sponsored Olympic show jumper, to Brianne Goutal, winner of the USET Foundation’s Lionel Guerrand-Hermes Trophy. And though they spend most of their time training hard in boots and britches, they certainly have no trouble pulling off the high-fashion look! It’s not too difficult to feel glamorous with those surroundings…

Pieces like this remind me of why my partnership with Equestrio is so special.  Equestrio is an international luxury lifestyle media company with an equestrian focus.  Our shared vision is not only on all things equestrian, but on the unique experiences that go along with the equestrian lifestyle. Working with Equestrio means that we can bring you more of the best in the equestrian world—encounters with top industry players and the kind of exclusive, behind-the-scenes access you just won’t get through an ordinary travel company.

Charter a Luxury Yacht on Your Next Equestrian Vacation

As an equestrian travel expert and Certified Yacht Charter Broker, I can help craft your perfect trip, from a challenging ride through beautiful, remote wilderness to a luxurious outing on a chartered yacht. Contact me to plan your experience!

And stay tuned to our blog and Equestrio for more exciting equestrian content.

Featured image credit: Burgess Yachts.

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