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A Horseback Riding Adventure Through Uruguay

05.10.15 | Bespoke Itinerary

Enjoy an eight day horseback riding adventure through Uruguay’s beautiful eastern wetlands and oceanic coast.  Get the experience to stay at an authentic working estancias, ride through Rocha’s sweeping biosphere, alternating between  the beaches, sand dunes, pine forest, and the coastal hills.

This adventure starts in the country’s beautiful capital city of Montevideo with a guided exploration tour.

Then on the next day, take a drive to the Brazilian border into the protected area of Rocha. Rocha is known to be one of the most beautiful providences in Uruguay with its emerald shores, its network of lagoons, and its pristine beaches.

Travel to Chuy, a town that straddles the border where you can step into Brazil. It is in Chuy where you get to ride around the rolling hills of San Miguel. While on your ride you can take in the panoramic views of the huge lagoons and the flat lowlands. Next, experience six days riding through the sand dunes of Cabo Polonio and also along the isolated beaches of Barra Chuy. Guests can ride within the Santa Teresa National Park, as well as though Rocha’s palm groves and woodlands.

While on this horseback riding adventure, stay not only in authentic working estancias, but also in cute seaside inns. Get the chance to ride alongside the gauchos with their dogs as they tend to both sheep and cattle. This trip is a great opportunity to see some of the most diverse landscapes and to experience the authentic culture of the country


  • Private guided exploration of Montevideo
  • Guided six-day horseback riding journey through the beaches, sand dunes, forests, and coastal hills of Rocha
  • All-inclusive accommodations in seaside inns and working estancias
  • Authentic gaucho activities at Estancia El Sauce and El Charabón Estancia
  • Visits to Chuy, La Coronilla, Sauce, Cabo Polonio, and Punta del Diablo
  • Whale watching along the coast
  • Seal and sea lion colony encounters in Cabo Polonio
  • Bird watching
  • Frequent picnic lunches and siestas within nature
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